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Justin "The Rumpshaker" Rumford



PRCA Stock Contractor

It's not your average rodeo when Three Hills Rodeo comes to town! For over 26 years our family has made rodeo not just our business, but a lifelong passion to entertain and keep rodeo, America's original sport, alive. World-class entertainment, turn-key production, and award winning livestock are all part of why we stand out in a crowd!

The Three Hills Ranch, in Bernard, Iowa is where it all begins. Over 500 head of bucking horses, bulls, and cow and calf pairs graze our lush green pastures! We pride ourselves in our “Born to Buck” program, where we have dedicated years of hard work refining bloodlines making them one of the very best in the business. It's proven year after year, that Three Hills animal athletes are at the top of their game, winning awards and traveling the country showcasing their natural abilities and talents! Our "Born to Buck" program will without a doubt provide your event with the "thrills and spills" that Three Hills is known for! 

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Loop Rawlins Western Entertainment is a One Man Wild West Performance that is the stand out act wherever he goes, appearing at events all around the World.  He's been performing professionally for over 20's years.  His is world class performance has appeared in Cirque Du Soleil & shocking the country with his Western Skills on America's Got Talent. Western Performer Loop Rawlins Trick Roper | Western Entertainment for Events


Professional Rodeo Announcer

The man behind the mic, Roger Mooney from Ellijay, GA, is one of the finest voices in the rodeo business. Twenty five years of experience, nominations for the PRCA announcer of the year, receiving the WPRA announcer of the year award, and working the NFR, DNCFR, Tour Finales, and countless Circuit Finals rodeos line his list of accolades that make him the man you want to listen to! It’s obvious when listening to Roger, that rodeo is his passion. He gives 110% every second and expects the same from his fans! He works for you, giving you the minute by minute, play by play rodeo action performance that only Roger Mooney can deliver!

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The 2000 lb. Live Picture Bull

Meet Silver Dollar the Bull at our FREE Pre Show, where YOU can get your picture taken inside the chutes and become a REAL cowboy or cowgirl for the night!  We're still not real sure he knows he's a bull, but we do know he LOVES getting his picture taken!  Silver Dollar has traveled all over the United States! Don't miss your chance to meet Silver Dollar at the Cinch World's Toughest Rodeo!

Zach Cook 1.jpg

Zack Cook is from Cody Wyoming, he started as a barrelman/funny man on accident 3 years ago and quickly realized this was his passion. He spent almost 90 nights in 2021 and 2022 at the Cody Nite Rodeo in Cody Wyoming. Supported by his wife, Elise Cook, and his 5 year old Daughter, Savannah, other family, and faith in God, Zack has all he needs to go down the rodeo trail. Zack also has a passion for horses. During the winter months Zack can be found horseback at Kanin Asay/ Flying Diamond Bucking Bulls facility or Ice Fishing and Hunting. 

John Payne.jpg

The notorious One Arm Bandit, was born to a rancher in the oil rich town of Shidler, Oklahoma on April 19,1953
On June12, 1973, thinking the electricity had been shut off, John climbed up a telephone pole to cut some wires..Probelm was , he was dead wrong about the statues of the wires. Without warning 7,200 volts of electricity ran through his entire body for an unbearable 10 seconds. It burnt through fingers of his right hand and he fell to his death.
He was brought back to life, but was in bad shape. The electricity exited through his body through his abdomen, leaving his intestines protruding. the voltage had burnt through his left leg as well. Exposing his thigh bone from his knee several inches up. his flaming clothing also had been doused upon reaching the ground. Despite the massive electrocution, he survived. The doctors wanted to cut John's left leg off but he told them " I can't ride a horse with one leg and if I cant ride a horse, then I don't want to live." The doctors did, however cut off his right arm because it was completely burnt. After five weeks in the Tulsa Burn Center, the doctor reported "no apparent brain damage, but he was short handed". So John checked himself out and went home.
With in the last 25 years, While John performs year around still John has since passed on the family tradition to his two kids, Lynn and Amanda along with passing the Bandit Lifestyle onto the Grandkids.. Fans are sure to see The One Arm Bandit and Company some where, some place, same time!

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Harrison established himself in Walla Walla,Washington but didn’t expect his move to further his career in rodeo. Pat Beard of the Beard Rodeo Company was the first to recognize Harrison’s talents in Walla Walla, and hired him for a bull riding competition. Harrison taught school for eight years. “I think I enjoyed that middle school humor almost more than the kids.” After a few years of balancing teaching and rodeo, Harrison was forced to choose between the two. “I think I’m the only clown with a Master’s degree.” He uses his abilities as an entertainer to bridge fans to contestants and rodeo in general. JJ is the father of 5 and totes the whole family along the rodeo trail whenever possible. This is a way of life for the Harrison Family and they enjoy everything this rodeo world has to offer. In JJ’s off time, he is a pilot and spends as much time as possible in the mountains. Though his love for the rodeo surpassed his passion for teaching, Harrison believes that his time in the classroom has influenced his witty and energetic act as a rodeo clown. “I’m a ball of energy that is quick witted and eager to find humor in every situation. I think it stems from natural ability and my experience in the classroom.” What makes Harrison a good rodeo clown isn’t that scripted humor or set jokes most clowns use. It’s the off-the-cuff stuff and spur of the moment quick wit that are his best attributes.

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